The Elephant In The Room

August 5, 2015

Congressman Tom Graves (R-GA-14) spoke to the Floyd County Republican Women yesterday.  The Rome News Tribune covered the Congressman’s remarks and subsequent questions from the audience.  The elephant in the room is the motion to vacate the chair filed by Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC-11) last week.

Congressman Graves said removal of Speaker John Boehner is an “open conversation” that Republicans will be having before traveling back to Washington after their summer break.  The Congressman has not said if he supports or opposes the motion.

It’s not secret that conservatives are upset with the Speaker, but it’s been mostly smoke with no fire.  Not one Republican congressman challenged Boehner in the Republican Conference Committee election of leadership that took place soon after the 2014 General Election in November.  The chest-pounding and grandstanding big challenge took place on the floor of the House in January when two or three decided to challenge the Speaker then.  They lost, and really I’m not surprised nor do I sympathize with their last minute revolt.

They took to the floor and made a show to pump up their image as being anti-establishment leaders raging against the Washington machine.  It looks good on TV and to the folks back home, but I’m willing to bet that they knew what they did in January was a lost cause that had no chance of gaining traction.

Now we have a motion filed.  The Speaker didn’t act upon the motion before the summer break.  Now, conservative media outlets are trumpeting that the Speaker doesn’t have enough votes to get re-elected.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but what I’m more concerned with is who steps in to fill the vacuum.  It’s a big deal when there is a possibility of replacing someone who is the head Republican of the House and a man who is second in line to the presidency.  I’d venture to say that it would make the shock of Eric Cantor losing his primary pale in comparison.

If you’re rabidly advocating the toppling of Speaker Boehner and revolting against the current Republican leadership, then perhaps you should also be talking about who is going to be the new leadership rather than ousting someone and saying “gee, who do we elect now?”

It’s going to be talked about at the various townhalls that congressmen will be hosting across our great nation, and I believe it’s something that should be discussed openly and honestly.  I hope that more light is shown on the plan to see if it’s a well thought out plan to govern or just another half-baked plan to pump up conservative cred of a few congressmen among the conservative websites and talk show host outlets.

Peach Pundit/GA Politics

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