North Georgia Tea Party Wants To Elect Democrats

July 31, 2015
Tea_PotIt’s common knowledge the Tea Party is fed up. If you missed their agonizing screams during session, you might have seen their disgruntled social media presence. Regardless, the Tea Party is taking unorthodox action to gain power.
At a meeting of the North Georgia Tea Party Alliance, first reported by zPolitics, a 50-slide PowerPoint detailing their path to power caused a disturbance in the force. The PowerPoint acknowledged their lack of political power in Georgia, their lack of money, and their lack of outreach. Their past remedies included challenging incumbents with more conservative candidates; however, it has by and large failed.

Their new path to power in the Republican Party is to join the Democratic Party.

For a group dedicated to principle, this development is radically different from their founding doctrine. In 2009, they wanted to restore the Constitution and limit government. It seems their 2015 doctrine is to elect big-government Democrats and raise money. Sounds very establishment if you ask me.

Here’s their plan:

  1. Continue to primary sitting Republicans
  2. Unite the various Tea Party groups
  3. Find candidates to run as Independents to pull votes from both Democrats and Republicans
  4. Identify swing districts and support the Democratic candidate
  5. Inflict pain on Republican leadership
  6. Start a PAC

In theory, their support of Democrats will take the Republican Party back into the minority. After a term in the minority, the Tea Party will back conservative Republican candidates to replace the Democrats they had just elected and return the Republican Party back to the majority.

This, my friends, is their pathway to power. Check out their battle plan in full.

Peach Pundit/GA Politics

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