Hypocrites of the Highest Order at DailyKos

July 28, 2013

The latest loon to come out with a deranged attack against the principles of freedom and decentralized power is a diarist at the DailyKos, a hyper-partisan Democrat Internet stronghold.

In a diary called ‘The Great Nullification Crisis of 2017,’ author Jon Kerr dreamed up a scenario where Ted Cruz becomes President and institutes draconian measures. He legalizes indefinite detention of American citizens without a trial, starts several illegal wars, spies on all Americans without warrants, prosecutes whistleblowers more than anyone else in history… Oh wait, that’s what the current president is doing.

In Kerr’s fantasy, Pres. Cruz requires mandatory gun ownership under penalty of taxation, rushes through anti-abortion laws and enacts stricter voter ID rules, along with other measures that make liberals squeamish.

In lieu of federal overreach of power, the Blue States band together and fight back through nullification. While the IRS is working to enforce their mandatory gun ownership law as preposterous as that may sound, Blue State governors lock up IRS agents enforcing this tyranny. This results in violence. as the feds send the Marines to retaliate against this insubordination. Later on, a tax revolt is engineered by the Democrats again, an absolutely preposterous notion from a gang that is always clamoring for the Feds to get their hands on more loot. This taxpayer revolt is squashed by Pres. Cruz, who takes care of the nullifiers with aggressive brute force.

via Hypocrites of the Highest Order at DailyKos | Tenth Amendment Center.

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