Clarification: RE: North Georgia Tea Party Wants To Elect Democrats

August 4, 2015
I authored a post titled “North Georgia Tea Party Wants To Elect Democrats” last Friday. The post, originally from zPolitics, caused a bit of an uproar among the Tea Party. Almost immediately, Tea Party leaders issued statements distancing themselves from the slideshow. ZPolitics refused to recant the story, but did post the response from a leader in the North Georgia Tea Party Alliance, Jack Smith, and another statement from the slideshow’s creator.

After receiving many phone calls and emails regarding the post, I decided it would be best to let the North Georgia Tea Party Alliance leaders speak for themselves.

From what I was told by people in attendance, the “meeting” was more of an “action conference.” Several Tea Party leaders and groups traveled to meet with fellow Tea Party leaders to present their plan to gain more standing in Georgia politics. The troublesome slideshow demanding the Tea Party elect Democrats was simply one of many action plans presented at the conference.

Here’s the statement made by Jack Smith of the North Georgia Tea Party Alliance

“First of all, all that was was a presentation. There was nobody who jumped up and said, ‘we’ve got to adopt that policy’. It was strictly a presentation by Mr. Scupin, offering his opinion and a possible route that could be taken in the future.

But we would not ever advocate the election of a Democrat. And the reason for that is that their ideology is totally foreign to ours.We believe in the free enterprise system. We do not believe in socialism, and there’s no campaign contemplated to go after, by the North Georgia Tea Party Alliance, to go after any of the elected officials.”

Here’s a statement from Jeanne Murrill Seaver of the Georgia Grassroots Coalition

In defense of all of the attendees of North Georgia TEA Party Alliance, please know we are amazed, how can a reporter write an article WITHOUT being in attendance of the meeting she is writing about? Christy Riggins of ZPOLITICS did just that! It totally misleads the public of what we are all about and the main topics of our meeting.

The issues we all united on were defund Obamacare, and on the State level, Immigration & NO to Driver License for illegals, Ending Common Core (discussion on supporting the GOAL scholarship cap increase to 100 million), tax reform & American Laws for American Courts (ALAC). There was also a key focus on the upcoming 2016 Presidential election and us doing all in our power to elect a real republican conservative to the White House in 2016″

All the attendees should be given a big KUDOS for taking their time out of there busy lives, on a Saturday for the better good of their children’s future and to come up with an action plan, which we are continuing to work on!

In holding with Peach Pundit tradition, I regret the errors and blame others.

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