Are you offended or frightened?

June 25, 2015

This is what the conversations are like on many FB pages.  It seems that what offends a few is always what wins out.  Where are we going next? I am offended when I see Mexican flags predominantly displayed at rallies.  People who “Remember the Alamo” and see what is happening in the immigration areas aren’t winning this one either!  Our kids in schools are being told they CANNOT wear tee shirts displaying the American flag on Cinco D’Maya day.  What?

(this letter appeared on a Facebook post 6/24/2015)
Dear Governor Bentley,

It is with an humble and broken heart that I write you this letter with no hatred or malice toward anyone. I, like 99.9% of all Americans, was shocked and deeply saddened by the loss of life in Charleston. This was done by one evil person who deserves the death penalty or life in prison. Instead of mourning as we should for nine lives lost, this has been turned into an all out hate war against Southern Americans. One event had nothing to do with the other.

When I saw the Confederate flag lied about, desecrated, and taken down in other places, I had faith in you and our State Legislature that this would not happen in Alabama. I voted for you twice and had every confidence in you to do the right thing.

Looking at the South right now is very reminiscent of looking at the anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. The first step was to rid Jewish symbols anywhere. Where is this going? It is scary!

The Confederate flag is not a racist flag. In fact, it is a Christian symbol based on St. Andrew’s Cross. It stood for liberty, freedom from tyranny, and freedom from a strong overreaching Federal Government. Is that not what the Republican party is supposed to be standing for today? Are these not the same principles that prompted patriots to fight for American Independence? The war was fought over taxes and states rights. I have 7 Confederate ancestors who fought, one of which died, and none of them owned a slave. They were fighting people who were invading their homes, burning and pillaging black and white Southerners. History also looks over the fact that there were states who fought for the North that had slaves. I could go on and on with historical facts.

Yes, some have used this flag in a racist way, but there is not any flag that has never been used to hate, including the US flag. The problem is not in the flag; it is in the heart of evil people.

I am a Christian and not a racist. I am a frightened American who sees liberties and freedom of speech being taken away at an alarming rate. I am a Southerner who is proud of my ancestors. I am the law-abiding citizen who will not go out and loot, vandalize, or threaten police officers even though I don’t agree with what is happening.

Please don’t be part of the racism, hate, and oppression aimed at Southerners.

Most Sincerely,
Amber Hancock

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