Political Beliefs of Hispanics May Not Be What You Think

Over at the AJC, Kyle Wingfield picked up on an item we had in this morning’s Daily (subscribe here) noting that the crosstabs in the recent 11 Alive Poll show support for Nathan Deal and David Perdue among Hispanics:

Poll Results Show Hispanic Support For… Republicans? C’mon! An 11Alive poll released last week showed strong support for Republicans: an 11-point lead for Governor Nathan Deal, and a 12-point lead for David Perdue among Hispanic voters. Even the chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party’s Latino Caucus, Antonio Molina, “concedes that GOP family and religious issues appeal to many Hispanic voters.” Republicans probably shouldn’t pint their future hopes on a surge of support among Hispanic voters however. Even though the sample size proportionate to the likely percentage of overall Hispanic turnout, it’s still less than 40.

Wingfield finds some additional polling that supports the idea that a perhaps considerable portion of the Hispanic vote could go to the Republican candidates in November, and says,

[I]t simply isn’t true that Republican candidates only receive the support of white voters. If Deal (or any other Republicans seeking statewide office) really gets 30 percent or more of the Hispanic vote in this election, that will be significant — particularly after the prominent legislative battle during Deal’s first term over the bill cracking down on illegal immigrants in Georgia. It would confirm that, far from being single-issue voters, many Hispanics look at the whole picture — and that the GOP has positions on a number of other issues that resonate with them, such as religious and social issues.

Wingfield’s position is supported up to a point by a recent post on the New Republic website by Hispanic DREAMer John David Romero, featuring a Q and A with Gary Segura, the author of a new book about how Hispanics will influence politics as we approach mid-century. He points out that by 2050, Hispanics will constitute 29% of America’s population, and that as of now, 93% of the Latinos under the age of 18 are citizens, and thus will be eligible to vote upon their eighteenth birthday.

He talks a bit about the issues that might drive Hispanics to the polls:

JDR: You write that the Latino agenda is the American agenda. Can you elaborate a little bit on this statement?

GS: This is a quote from Cruz Bustamante. Bustamante used to like to say that the Latino agenda is the American agenda because, when you take out immigration, the things that Latinos most often worry about are education, jobs, public safety, crime, and healthcare. None of those are particularly Latino-focused. Bustamante thought that Latino politics were more likely to be advanced successfully if the Latino agenda looked more mainstream and less minority specific.

JDR: In your book you say: “Latinos are not as socially conservative as popularly conceived nor as susceptible.” Explain to me what this means for Hispanics now, in the midterm, and future elections?

GS: Going back to Ronald Reagan, Republicans have always believed that social conservatism—messages around religion, hard work, opposition to abortion, and gay rights—is going to get them a growing share of the Latino vote. It doesn’t work out that way. First of all, Latinos are about as pro-gay as all other Americans; Latinos don’t want ministers telling them who to vote for and they don’t want politicians relying on their religious beliefs to make policy. So they don’t see these things as defining how they vote, and Republicans don’t get that.

The conventional wisdom shared by many Republicans is that Hispanic sensitivity to social issues should make them natural Republicans. Segura’s thinking seems to contradict that. In fact, a focus on economic issues and a “Don’t tell me what to do” attitude on social issues makes them sound a lot like some millennials I know.

via Peach Pundit – Georgia Politics.

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▶ David Perdue & Michelle Nunn: Analyzing the Georgia Senate candidates – YouTube

▶ David Perdue & Michelle Nunn: Analyzing the Georgia Senate candidates – YouTube.

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So you think that voting isn’t that important?

Letter to the Editor,

I was fortunate to attend the GOP candidate “Meet and Greet” Saturday. It was very informative event with attendees speaking about their plans and desire to serve the fine people of Pickens and surrounding areas. At the event our State Representative Rick Jasperse made a very good point about this Mid-Term elections importance that needs to be voiced and understood by all. The next Supreme Court Judge replacement will most likely be appointed in next two years and the chance that the new Senate will control approval of the appointee from President Obama is very Strong. Most people don’t realize these facts about the SCOTUS appointees. The average term served by a SCOTUS Judge is 16 years .Both Judge Ginsberg 81 years old (a cancer survivor) ,and Breyer in his 70’s are both (Very center left )Judges. With the court balance at 5-4 now and Judge Roberts leaning slightly left on decisions made of late. The leanings of who is appointed become far more relevant. Their Liberal or Conservative decisions lasting decades. The Importance of who controls the Senate is imperative to all. We need to retain and gain 6 seats in the Senate this year and hopefully with the White House becoming vacant in 2016 we can start to make needed path corrections. Georgia’s Senate race is considered nationally to be the most important state to win.

So if you are not planning to vote because your BOE member got in, or your State Representative has done a great job and does not seem to need your support, YOU are wrong. The Senate race will determine the following issues besides SCOTUS. They will be deciding: Protecting your individual rights, Less Fed.Government in your bedroom and bank account, Less EPA overreach, Defund or overhaul Obamacare, Balance the budget ”penny plan”, House and Senate working to support job creation, and Winning in 2016.If you care about yours, and your children’s next 16 years . Get out and VOTE .And attend the next Meet and Greet October 18th @ Chamber of Commerce Building 8:30-10:00 AM


Wil Bell

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Voter Intensity Strongly Against Obamacare

A new poll from Public Opinion Strategies, commissioned by Independent Women’s Voice, finds that people who care about the issue of Obamacare really don’t like Obamacare. On the flip side, people who like Obamacare really don’t care about it very much. That’s a bad combination for pro-Obamacare candidates.

The poll found that likely voters in battleground districts who consider Obamacare to be the “most important” issue in the upcoming election oppose it by the overwhelming tally of 70 to 30 percent (see slide 9). Likely voters who consider Obamacare to be a “very important” issue (but not the “most important” one) oppose it by more than 2 to 1 — 67 to 32 percent. Those who consider it to be “somewhat important” somewhat like it — but still oppose it by 51 to 47 percent. And those who consider it to be “not at all important” love it — favoring it by 70 to 17 percent.

In all, the 80 percent of likely voters in battleground districts who consider the issue of Obamacare to be at least “somewhat” important oppose it by the tally of 61 to 37 percent. The 20 percent who consider it to be either “not that important” or “not at all important” support it by the tally of 65 to 27 percent.

Wonder why you aren’t seeing many pro-Obamacare ads from pro-Obamacare candidates?

When likely voters who don’t like Obamacare were asked to give open-ended responses as to why they don’t like it, their most common answer (29 percent) was that it raises people’s health costs or premiums. Their second-most-common answer (20 percent) was that it involves undue government intrusion or coercion and therefore undermines freedom.

The poll also found that most people (58 percent) have either been personally affected by Obamacare or else have a family member or friend who has been. By an almost 2-1 margin, such people said Obamacare’s effect on the person (or persons) in question has been “very negative” (46 percent) rather than “very positive” (24 percent).

Finally, the poll found a great deal of support for a conservative alternative to Obamacare — and for repealing Obamacare if such an alternative is on the table. It asked whether likely voters support or oppose repealing Obamacare “and replacing it with a system in which patients and their doctors, not government bureaucrats, are in control of their choices.” By the tally of 68 to 27 percent, respondents said they’d support repealing Obamacare and replacing in that vein. Similarly, the poll asked whether likely voters support or oppose repealing Obamacare “and replacing it with a market-based system in which health insurance companies have to compete for business and individuals can shop for the policies they want at the best possible price.” By the tally of 71 to 27 percent, respondents said they support repeal and replace in that context.

All of this suggests that even long-shot Republican Senate candidates who frame the election as a referendum on Obamacare and are willing to advance an alternative have a decent shot at upsetting their Democratic opponents — especially those opponents who actually voted for Obamacare and now get to face the voters for the first time since then.

via Voter Intensity Strongly Against Obamacare | The Weekly Standard.

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Washington Post to Veterans: You Deserve Pity, Are Not Responsible for Your Actions

In a long piece that ran this weekend, Washington Post reporter Greg Jaffe tells the story of Robert Carlson, a soldier who, in 2012, having beaten his wife late at night during an alcohol-fueled argument, then fired numerous rounds from a pistol at police cars approaching his house.

Carlson was eventually sentenced to eight years in a military prison for what he did that night. Much of Jaffe’s piece is spent detailing mitigating circumstances for Carlson’s actions—in particular his multiple combat tours, his harrowing experiences during them, and a diagnosis of PTSD that his defense team made heavy use of during the trial. Writes Jaffe:

That was July 2012. Now, two years later … Carlson wonders about the fairness of such a punishment. “I know I did wrong,” he said recently from the detention facility at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state.But is jail time appropriate for someone who, before he fired those shots, spent 16 months in Iraq, followed by 12 months in Iraq, followed by another 12 months in Afghanistan?

Emphasis mine. “Is jail time appropriate?” is a somewhat remarkable question, considering the nature of Carlson’s actions. More reasonable questions might include: what role should Carlson’s honorable combat service play in determining a punishment for his crime? (Some, surely.) In addition to confinement, should mental health services be available to him? (Most certainly.) Is eight years too harsh, considering that no one actually got shot? (Maybe. His wife certainly got beat up, though.)

But the question on which Jaffe pivots into the body of his piece is none of these. Rather, it is whether any jail time at all should apply to this soldier, inasmuch as he has been in combat and appears to bear all the hallmarks of a man suffering from PTSD.

Such a line of reasoning is remarkably condescending to veterans—including veterans with PTSD—the vast, overwhelming majority of whom neither beat their spouses nor shoot at police cars. Jaffe, of course, briefly clears his throat with a similar observation eight paragraphs into the article, before going on to focus on Carlson’s case.

The unsubtle premise of the article is that combat veterans aren’t really responsible for their actions because they have been perverted into violent, uncontrollable brutes by their military service. This will be news to all of those veterans living their lives as responsible members of their communities, most of whom would say that, rather than having been perverted by their service, they have been improved by it.

A man like Carlson absolutely deserves compassion. Ideally, he would have received more of it before his life went completely off the rails and he became a danger to those he was supposed to protect. But to suggest that he is not responsible for his actions does a disservice to veterans, who, whatever they need, don’t need the condescending pity of a Washington Post reporter.

via Washington Post to Veterans: You Deserve Pity, Are Not Responsible for Your Actions | Washington Free Beacon.

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Shock & Awe Over the Islamic State Brought to You By the USA

Washington Free Beacon.

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Photos on Food Stamps Cards

The AP is reporting that adding photos to food stamp cards in Georgia will cost more than $7.7 million next year.

Republican State Sen. Don Balfour from Snellville says the cost is reasonable. Critics of the food stamp legislation say it will not fix larger-scale fraud.

The part of the law requiring drug testing of applicants suspected of using drugs has been put on hold.

via Peach Pundit – Georgia Politics.

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Constitution Day Passes Without Notice

Oh, Well…

Constitution Day has come and gone and not surprisingly, hardly anyone noticed. The Constitution has become irrelevant to all but a few endangered Republicans on Capitol Hill, and is totally ignored or twisted beyond recognition by all – repeat, all – Democrats. This, of course, includes all the members, young and old, of the Ministry of Leftist Propaganda, aka, the “mainstream” media.

The only ones of us who cared to note the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution in 1787 have been designated by the so-called Homeland Insecurity and Injustice Departments as probable domestic terrorists. As most of the readers of news and information on this site know, patriotic adherence to traditional American culture, language, religion, politics, societal organization, education, morals, values, etc., has become not just politically incorrect, but since the courts no longer feel the need to follow the Rule of Law and instead apply their personal opinions, said adherence has been transmogrified into the globalist/fascist/Marxist (read, current Washington Establishment) definition of terrorism. So far, it’s been applied mostly as harassment. However, without strong push-back from We, the People, and (does “fat chance” mean anything?) our elected representatives, rounding up and incarceration of America-loving patriots is just a matter of time.

Meanwhile, the movement to destroy America gathers momentum, ostensibly spearheaded by the usurper, Barack Hussein Obama, but in reality, by those who pull his strings. Again, as most readers of news and information on this site know, every single policy and action of both the current administration and the Democrat Party as a whole, has been designed to:

attack, weaken, and eventually destroy the Middle Class;

weaken and eventually destroy the economy as a capitalist institution;

force all Americans into government dependency;

create a permanent, uneducated, unskilled underclass, what Marx referred to as the “lumpen proletariat”;

weaken, demoralize, and eventually destroy all branches of our armed forces;

create a militarized police state controlled by the Executive Branch of government;

weaken our standing and position as a sovereign nation vis-à-vis our friends, allies, and enemies;

give aid and comfort to our enemies, especially radical Islamic jihadists.

Other than that, everything’s just grand.

Space doesn’t allow listing all the individual illegal, unconstitutional, and outrageous policies and acts these traitors have foisted upon us. However, one recent and particularly heinous act on the part of Obama deserves special attention, due to the unspeakable consequence liable to result from it.

Again, as most of you know, the military-hating Obama has committed 3,000 of our troops to “fight Ebola” in Africa. Many are rightfully asking, “Why?” Given his clear hatred for the military and America, the answer appears to be that he and his string-pullers are well aware that many, if not all, of the soldiers will be exposed to and contract Ebola. Many, if not all, will die horrible deaths. The demoralization this horror will cause in the ranks will be catastrophic. Then, on top of that, Ebola will be brought home to America, to be spread far and wide, “letting America know how the poor countries of Africa feel.” Paranoid? Give me a better explanation for using our military, our highly trained killers of people and breakers of things, in a situation they have no training for.

It appears we are left with four alternatives. One is that those of us who still believe in the Constitution and want to live under the Rule of Law, in the democratic republic it prescribed for us, can seriously move towards secession. A recent poll indicated that a quarter of Americans, one out of every four, is open to this possibility, and the number is growing.

A second is that we revolt, but the consequences of this are not something most Americans at this time, are willing to accept.

A third is to turn out in massive numbers and elect conservatives to every office we can think of. Unfortunately, not all Republicans are conservatives, but frankly, at this point in time, any Republican is better than any Democrat. Period. If the Democrats keep control, it leads to the fourth alternative.

The fourth alternative is to do nothing, to allow the status quo to rule, thus continuing the headlong rush to a totalitarian, collectivist, Third World slave state that the current rulers in Washington are nearly done creating for us.

It is truly hard to believe how much damage has been done in the short six years that the Fraud in the White House, his handlers, and his accomplices in the Democrat Party have been our rulers, or on how many levels. We are beginning to understand, I hope, how the Germans were overwhelmed by Hitler and his National Socialists. For years, we have demanded, “How could they have let it happen?” I hope we are seeing how easy it is for government, with the collusion and connivance of the media and the education establishment, to spiral out of the control of the people. Oh, well…

via Constitution Day Passes Without Notice.

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More Georgians Working Despite Top Line Numbers

This week’s Courier Herald column:

An interesting contrast is developing in the contest for Governor. A battle over Georgia’s economy and related employment statistics are giving each campaign a rare opportunity to showcase substance over style.

Last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed Georgia’s unemployment rate rose to 8.1%, a stark increase from 6.9% just last April. Democrats pounced with the news that Georgia is now the “worst in the Country” with respect to jobs, directly attacking Governor Deal’s longstanding theme that Georgia has moved into the “Best place to do business”.

And yet, there is evidence that Georgia’s economic recovery is squarely on track. The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Dan Chapman and Michael Kanell took an in depth look behind the numbers to show dynamics at work that the top line unemployment rate doesn’t reveal.

Payroll numbers demonstrate that Georgia is adding jobs and employing just over 4.1 Million of its citizens – just 38,000 short of the pre-crash peak. Part of the problem, according to the AJC analysis, is that 450,000 more people call Georgia home now than those that did before the recession took hold.

Growth has long been a growth industry for the northern half of the state, but the excess supply houses and commercial buildings created during the last decade has meant that not as many construction jobs were needed to accommodate the almost half million folks now calling Georgia their home. As such, the construction industry itself has contracted, employing only 70% of the people it did in 2007.

Unlike many other states, Georgia has had to somewhat reinvent itself economically. We absorbed 88 failed banks since 2008. That’s more than just the loss of banking jobs and write offs of bad loans. That’s a diminished access to capital formation as one quarter of our financial institutions were absorbed into others or vanished altogether.

Georgia’s leaders have instead worked to utilize inherent advantages to create a climate for jobs we could attract as well as industries that we could maintain. Georgia is now positioned to truly rival Hollywood and New York as a major film and television production center, with multiple studio campuses under active construction throughout the state. The industry currently employs 24,000 Georgians, with many more jobs expected to be added over the next decade.

Training Georgia’s former textile and construction workers remains a challenge for our employment picture. Part of Georgia’s unemployment challenge is matching the needs of employers with the skills of available workers. Governor Deal has proposed adding coursework in film set design, precision manufacturing, computer programming, and engineering assistance to the Hope Grant program to fill some of these skills gaps. The Hope Grant already covers welding, diesel mechanics, and commercial truck driving – areas that have proven difficult to meet employers’ needs for qualified applicants.

Federal payroll surveys show that Georgia has added 88,700 jobs over the past year – 42,600 since April – according to the AJC. And yet, the unemployment survey from the BLS says the number of people working in Georgia has actually dropped 52,784 during that same period. We may have to add the BLS as another organization that doesn’t know how to poll Georgia.

Regardless of the apparently conflicting statistics from different arms of the same federal government, the question put to Georgians is relatively simple: Do they believe the state is on the right track or the wrong track.

The recession of 2008 hit the state at its core. The banking, real estate, and airline industries were decimated. The textile industry, already in decline, showed further consolidation.

Georgia had no choice but to move forward, as many of those jobs are not coming back. In their place are new manufacturing jobs from companies like Kia and Caterpillar. Studios from Tyler Perry, Pinewood, and others will anchor us as an entertainment production center. And Georgia’s high tech corridor north of Atlanta has landed top names for research and development centers such as General Motors.

It is always easy to criticize, as pointing out flaws or results that were less than desired are easy. Laying out a strategic vision, enacting policies to foster the correct environment, and closing the deal with employers to relocate and/or expand as a result are much harder. Both candidates have a little over two months to persuade Georgia voters that they either buy into the vision of the course we have currently set, or move to a “better” track that as of yet is ill defined beyond 30 second sound bites and bumper sticker slogans.

via More Georgians Working Despite Top Line Numbers – Peach Pundit — Peach Pundit.

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Felonies are Felonies & Lies are Lies

Georgia Democrats are lying to voters and some in the media are working overtime to help spread their misinformation.

Following Wednesday’s announcement by the Secretary of State’s office that multiple fraudulent voter registration forms warranted a continued investigation into The New Georgia Project, the Democrat spin machine went into overdrive.

From calling the investigation a “dog and pony show” to accusing Sec. Kemp of “fear campaigning”, Georgia Democrats are now saying anything and everything…but the truth.

Peach State voters deserve to know what’s really going on under the Gold Dome. Here are the top ten lies told by The New Georgia Project and their allies:

1. The New Georgia Project “flagged” the fraudulent voter registration applications discovered by the Secretary of State’s office.

False – The confirmed forgeries came from county elections officials. The New Georgia Project didn’t “self-report” any of them.

2. The Secretary of State’s Office is “ignoring” 51,000 voter registration forms submitted by The New Georgia Project.

False – Voter registration forms are processed at the county level, not the Secretary of State’s office.

3. Following Wednesday’s meeting, Brian Kemp and the Secretary of State’s Office “backed away” from the investigation.

False – The Georgia Election Board unanimously voted to kick the investigation into high gear.

4. The initial investigation only turned up a few questionable voter registration forms.

False – Multiple forged and fraudulent voter registration forms were discovered. Voter fraud is a felony that carries serious consequences.

5. Brian Kemp is “targeting” The New Georgia Project.

False – 13 county elections officials filed complaints with the Secretary of State’s office. Sec. Kemp has a constitutional obligation to respond.

6. Secretary Kemp is “engaged in voter suppression.”

False – Brian Kemp is trying to find and prosecute criminals who potentially engaged in coordinated voter fraud efforts. Big difference.

7. Secretary Kemp is not working to “ensure ballot access.”

False – Georgians can register to vote online. At no time in the history has it been easier to register than it is right now.

8. This is a stunt orchestrated by Republicans for political gain.

False – With multiple forged voter registration forms as evidence, it’s clear that someone is trying to get ahead politically and it’s not the Republicans.

9. With such a small percentage of fraudulent forms, shouldn’t Sec. Kemp just let it go?

False – The investigation is just getting started. Even if no additional forged forms are found, there are still serious legal questions for the New Georgia Project.

10. This doesn’t matter.

False – We must – at all costs – protect the integrity of the electoral system. Third world countries with dictators allow voter fraud – not America.

Remember, felonies are felonies and lies are lies. We cannot allow them to get away with either.

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